Anlyser Data Unsampler

Raw Data, Accurate Data

Anlyser uses its unique algorythm to retreive raw data from Google Analytics. No more sampled data! Now you can rely on the data that you have to make valuable decisions.

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Sampled data is unreliable

Data sampling threatens the accuracy of your reports by including skewed data sets, excluding data that might be necessary and leading you astray.

Powerful Servers

We continually invest in servers, so the speed of reports will not be an issue. Systems you can rely on.

Save Your Reports

All your adhoc reports will be saved in the system, so you can download them with ease.

Restructure Data

Solve problems with reliable data. Create insightful reports to understand key insights for your business.

Save & Invest

The main feature that GA 360 offers is data unsampling. Start using our software to pull unsampled report, and save fix-figures each year. We will show you how!

Our dedicated specialists will help you every step of the way.

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Data You Can Trust

Anlyser uses the latest technology to pull unsampled data from Google's servers, and then presenting it to you in an excel file.

Use unsampled data to create reports on trends based on clear intelligence. Once you get the data, you can use any tools to visualize it.

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Have Your Data Work For You

Perform quick analysis and encourage collaboration with a system that is built with you in mind. Easy to use interface, and reports you can share.

Access this powerful tool to identify key insights.

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